Friday, February 12, 2010

Ingres: purple and gold

Last year we went to France and spent part of the time staying with our friends Sally & John. One day we went to visit the Ingres museum in Montauban. Ingres is one of my favourite artists, partly because of his incredible ability to paint fabric.
In my workroom I have inspirational pictures blue tacked to the wall and for ages now I have had this picture by Ingres of the Duchesse de Broglie on my wall. It's from a magazine article about a book called "The society Portrait: Painting, prestige and the pursuit of elegance". I've never seen this portrait in real life but it looks a lot more purple in the magazine clipping than any other images I could find on the net. Darn, I may have to go back to Montauban to check the colour.
The colours have inspired me and I've been thinking of making cushions in this weird combination for a while. This is the other inspirational image with similar colours that sits next to it.
Today, I got my act together and found the right combination of fabrics to make up into some Exotic Ingres cushions.


Anonymous said...

An utterly beautiful combination. I think we might have to redecorate one of our rooms.

Father Dave.

kelly said...

I never would have put those colors together in my head ... and it's a magical combination.

Love it!


JoeyJoJo said...

Thanks gang. Isn't it just. Sometimes you've just gotta go out on that thin branch of experimentation. xxxx

suez said...

Well done Joey,they are so beautiful.Yay!for Ingres. The most beautiful cushions EVER...

JoeyJoJo said...

Thanks Thomsey although I did just realize they are the same colours as our school uniform!