Thursday, February 18, 2010

Baby it's mighty cold out there.

Operation Buns-o-steel has begun again and I've been on a bike ride around my usual 8 mile circuit for the last 4 mornings and 2 last week. The first day I went out it seemed to be drizzling a bit but as I got further round I discovered it was snow! It's incredibly beautiful though and even though the thought of getting out there is horrendous, it's actually fine once you're riding. I've got my outfit down to a fine art, just the right amount of layers and some nice red gloves.
Yesterday I saw 6 deer, one of which stood in the middle of the road to watch me until I almost had to brake. There are two hares too that seem to be in the same spot every morning near the happy hens farm.

I took Ricardo's bike this morning, the trusty Jaque Anquetil as mine is a pile of crap (even though it was supposedly made by women for women!!!) and has been giving me a terribly sore neck.
There are not many colours in the landscape but what is there is subtle and beautiful.
The birds are all coming out now and as I took this shot I could hear the Skylarks burbling away.
Here's some mole action for all you Aussies who don't have them...

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Lulu LaBonne said...

My breath is misting up the screen just looking at these!