Tuesday, February 17, 2009


At last the big day arrived. The sun shone the smoke cleared and all the world looked beautiful for Mardi & Macgreg's wedding. Here are the first bridesmaids heralding Mard's arrival. How can I explain how special these two people are...Mardi & Macgreg are an inspiration with their blended family and it was profoundly emotional to see them tie the knot.
Mard has had a hard time ... her beautiful Dad "Biggy" died last year and her daughter's Dad committed suicide in 2005. Macgreg's Mum died in 2002, his Dad died a long time ago. There was a lot to remember....
When she & Macreg got together we all waited with baited breath to see if such an amazing pair would actually tie the knot. Here is Macgreg waiting for her too.
First came the littlest bridesmaids....
And at last the girl we all wanted to see most, on Biggy's partner Ced's arm. This was when I started crying and I didn't really stop.You can see here what a big thing it was for them... but they were so keen to be there. at last some relief with sisters, daughters and friends.
Unfortunately I missed the dove free-ing bit with the camera by seconds, but this is moments later. That's the wedding blanket they both knitted hanging over the Beverly Hillbillys chairs.
Next up was THE PARTY, at their groovy new (to them) 7o's house... it was 70's dress and boy did people take it to the limit.
Finally we all let our hair down. People were on the dance floor from 5.30 pm!!!!
Bless you my wonderful buddies. I can't think of anyone who deserves more happiness.


Lolly said...

It was the knitting of the wedding blanket that caused the tear in my eye. Beautiful photos

Love Lolly

JoeyJoJo said...

Thanks Lolly. Just think...all over the world there's always a good party going on somewhere, with tears & joy xxxxxxxxxxx

rickyroyale said...

you'd know you party animal you ! tear in my eye too xxx