Monday, February 09, 2009


I've been watching on my laptop as the dreadful news has been unfolding about the bush fires in Victoria, with tears falling onto my keyboard and a lump like a tennis ball in my throat. So many people dead and so many terrible stories.
My sister Sue & family are all safe, the fires didn't come in as far as Eltham but I know the area that burnt so well. Mum had land at Strathewen, we used to swim in a reservoir near Kinglake & most Saturdays were spent at the St Andrews Market where 22 people have died. Those places are all devastated now. It must have been a terrifying time. It's been so dry there for so long, everything would have gone up in minutes with no time to react.
These photos are from the Guardian website

It's been on the news here in the UK a lot and I wept this afternoon as I heard Derek Guille's
voice talking calmly about how amazing people have been with their generosity. That good old Aussie spirit of helping out a mate.

I can't wait to get there & hug my family.

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