Saturday, February 14, 2009

I'm really here!!!!!!

This was the eerie light from the bush fires this morning. Sobering to say the least.
We are about 1/2 an hours drive from Kinglake and the air smells of smoke. Everyone knows someone who's been directly affected and people are weary of disaster. The Age newspaper has the most amazing images.

But I'm here for good stuff as well.
It 's Valentines' day and look what came? The most perfumed bunch of roses and eucalyptus from my most gorgeous Valentine.
Then it was off to the Vic market for bleary eyed morning coffee and weird drinks.
Special photo here for Father Dave of endless amounts of Australian cuddly toys (all made in China)
Roxi & I were on a mission though, to buy 2 white doves for THE wedding. Unfortunately you can't see them as they are in the box.


kelly said...

*bounce* *bounce* *bounce*

sooooo happy to hear you've arrived safely and are having tons of Australian adventures.


Anonymous said...

Amazing and moving pictures Jo. Thanks for the cuddly toys. Are they made of Wallaby fur?
Have fun.
Father Dave.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jo,
I was checking out your blog because I have been thinking of your family since hearing of the fires. Glad to know everyone is OK and that you are having a good time.
Bring back a bit of sunshine, OK?
Colleen xx

JoeyJoJo said...

How nice to log on here from little old Eltham and see all your lovely comments. No bush fires today and no smoke either, just clear blue sky & 28 beautiful degrees.