Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More wedding bells

Before I go I just thought I'd show you what it's like here in this neck of the woods.
Last weekend we rang the bells at a tiny church in a place called Shropham. The bells are notoriously bad & we get a perverse pleasure out of ringing them (evry stroke is different and you have to pull like crazy to make sure your bell stays up).
It was absolutely freezing & yet the bride & all the poor little bridesmaids had strapless dresses on, by the end of the service the brides arms were blue. What a crazy waste of an opportunity to wear the fabulous fur trimmed velvet gown.

There are snow drops out though.
On the way home we drove past snowy fields with LOTS of pheasants. If you click on the picture it will come up bigger & you can just see them scurrying about in the snow saying "Hey guys my feet are kind of cold".

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