Friday, September 15, 2006

New curtains

Looky looky.
Who managed to actually make some curtains for our house...
Lovely, lovely fabric from Romo's Kenzan collection, that I bought on ebay I just want more & more &'s a closer picture of the fabric, on the chair that we got from a skip nearby, that I need to make a loose cover for.
This fabric bumps up the costs of our lounge room/dining room furnishings so far to....(including computer, office chair, television, DVD, video player, sofa, oak dining table, 4 chairs, piano, oak book shelf and coffee table) to about £150.00 that's $282.35 American dollars Kelly or...$375.53 Australian Amy. Wowee kazowee.....what spend thrifts.


Suez said...

Yeah !love the fabric I REALLY love fabric and all the joy it brings us fabric nerds!!

Suez said...

also I just had a look at the sites to do with Martha Negley go have a look