Tuesday, September 05, 2006


This weekend, we went to visit our friend Di, in a fabulous part of England. Buxton is in what's called the Peak District.
Yes it was hilly. Here in Norfolk, we don't see many hills & it was quite a thrill having to change down gears in the car. It's the highest Market Town in Britain, at over 1000 feet above sea level.
We took the kids...and had a fantastic time.....we even got to sit & relax & read the papers.We never ever do that at home. I got lots of knitting done too.
Di has 8 kids and they are all beautiful & talented..some of them are in a quartet called Dirty Pretty strings, check them out.
Edie let us have her room...thanks Edie you are a star.
Buxton used to be a spa town and has its own opera house.
Here are some photos of the "Dome" which used to be the Duke of Devonshire's stables!!!!!Bigger than St Pauls in London. It had the most amazing sound in the very middle of the room. Your voice was magnified as if with a microphone but there was a clear echo that came as the sound bounced off the roof.
"In 1881 Robert Rippon Duke designed one of the architectural masterpieces of the town - a huge slate dome to cover the central courtyard. The dome weighs 560 tons and spans 145 feet. At the time it was the largest unsupported dome in the world, and to this day is still the largest of its kind in the country."
(From www.visit buxton.co.uk)
It has a Foucaults pendulum.
I had seen one in Barcelona but this one in it's setting of grandeur was amazing.

We went to Youlgreave which is a pretty village nearby and managed to meet the Tower Captain who took us up to the bellfry......spooky & steep with no handrail. They have a ring of 10 about to be augmented to a THIRTEEN. Wow.

Of course I had to check out the embroidery on the alter frontal. Beautiful work. They also have a window we think is by Burne-Jones, there's another one in Trinity Church, Boston, Massachusetts. Kelly.

(Yes Heather, we did see that beautiful little carving of an ancient man like someone from outer space but the light was bad , so I didn't get a photo...you'll have to send me one.) This she now did...........

Here it is courtesy of Heather D.

As beautiful as her namesake.

There's more to blog but I have to get some work done, will fill you in some more tonight.
xxxxx Joey.


kellyd said...

Glad to see the kids are getting along so well. Dear Kate, I'm jealous that she's getting to see all the cool places ... ah well, keep taking all the marvelous pics, and I'll live vicariously through her til next summer! :-) xxxx

JoeyJoJo said...

Roll on next summer eh :-)