Monday, January 10, 2011


Sorry I've been absent from the blog for a while but it's actually been quite nice to have a rest from the computer. I've had time to read, and my friend Mardi has provided me with some great books. To start with... Alex Miller's "Lovesong" and next up will be "The swan thieves" by Elizabeth Kostova. For this very reason I have booked a ticket to go to Sydney by train, just think of the luxury of 10 whole hours on a train with a couple of good books.
Mardi has the most amazing heart shaped life here in Eltham, Victoria, Australia with her wonderful husband Macgreg and indeed as a portent of what was coming, she was born with a heart shaped map on one arm.
The wonderful Macgreg is a truly renaissance man and can turn his very talented hand to anything. There are amazing bits of sculpture all over their property like this...
and he's building a bungalow for daughter Sunday May out in the backyard..
It has been incredibly hot here and there has been a lot of swiming in the pool but today it's a beautifully cool 20 degrees and so the pool has been abandoned for more indoor pursuits.
Here's their dog Blue (the perfect mix of Blue Heeler and Jack Russell) getting snuggly on the couch.
and the very gorgeous Olive Honey lazing about with Lamby...

Thank you my wonderful 2nd family for giving me the precious gift of a little bit of time to relaaaaaax.

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Nice Joey,nice nice nice.xxxxxx

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