Sunday, December 26, 2010


I have only now had time with a computer at Suzanne Ingleton's (Roxi's Mum) in Castlemaine, to actually post these photos that I took before Christmas when I went for 3 glorious days to my favourite place in the world...Wilson's Promontory National Park.
I went with my wonderful sister and my sisters in all but biology, Mardi and Sally and their extended and very precious families. Here is Mard, leading the way for me with her beautiful liquorice allsort towelling back pack on that she made.
Blue sky anyone?
Here we are walking on a cool morning to Tidal overlook.
It's been wonderful to be surrounded by people who all sew and are as obsessed by fabric as much as me. One of the reasons I snapped Richard up so swiftly was that he could sew.
These guys are seasoned campers and even brought.......the Christmas decorations.
It was quite cold though for the first night or two and I wore every piece of clothing I brought with me, including my showerproof coat to bed each night. (Thanks Clarribelle for the lend of your MOST beautiful soft, warm and comforting scarf)
How's this for camping perfection?


Lulu LaBonne said...

This looks heavenly, you look gorgeous as usual.

Happy New Year my dear friend

JoeyJoJo said...

Thanks Lulu.
Happy new yaer to you too, my Gorgeous (note capital) friend.

Anonymous said...

So great to see you at Wilsons Prom.I LOVE the camping,right up my street. Darling Joey you look thin I hope you are eating..note my Motherly tone.x I am very pleased you took the Chartreuse wooly scarf with you I hope it continues to be of comfort.You have such a beautiful eye for photographs,the composition is always so excellent and you tell a great story even without words.
We are all well and very happy to see what you are doing.Loads of love darling Joey.xxxxx clarissa xxxxxxxx

JoeyJoJo said...

Hi Clarrybelle. I KNEW you'd love the camping, I just wish you were here doing it with me. NO I'm not thin, its an optical illusion especially after all the Christmas chocolates!!!