Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sad, wet or mad?

A week or so ago I came to Sydney on the train. An 11 hour trip of empty seats,
plenty of time to read
and rain, rain, rain. I've never seen country Victoria look so green nor the rivers so full.
But 11 hours is a long time to think all by yourself even if you are accompanied by good books. No one to play cards with, no one to laugh quietly about the other passengers with. The rain was a perfect reflection of how I felt.
So I was thrilled to be met at Central station by one of Richard's brothers in all but biology, Mic Conway. Here he is with his beautiful AND talented wife Ro and the ever patient and shameless Gypsy.This was the view out of Mic's van.
The fabulous view of the Glebe bridge.
I have been staying with Mic's brother Jim and sister-in-law Helen. The Conway brothers have been treating me like royalty and I have been so very grateful. First up Mic took me to the Leichardt pool, 50 metres of pure paradise on a hot summers day. Luckily Mard had given me a fabulous Esther williams bathing suit so I was into that water quick smart.
The next day Helen took me to the Redleaf pool. A perfect pool in Sydney's Double Bay. No sharks because of the fence around the pool. Quite a walk down very steep steps so by the time you reached the top you felt like going back in again.

Then a few days later the lovely Kerry Dwyer
took me past amazing gardens and a winding path
to another spectacular pool at Coogee. This time an ocean pool. (Those bathers have really been getting a work out)

Some kids had been snorkeling in the rocks and found these living bits of seaweed. Beautiful black sea slugs.
Later that night after swimming with Kerry, Jim & Helen took me out to a film preview that their friends the Pigram brothers play music in and helped produce called "Mad Bastards". It screened at the Sydney Uni quadrangle. A remarkably English building on a very un-english balmy night. The film was great if a little hard to hear because of the echoing site, but the Pigram Brothers playing beforehand was a rare treat.
We indulged in a little celebrity spotting!!!

As Molly Meldrum used to say "Do yourself a favour" and listen to this wonderful youtube clip of the Pigram brothers. Let it transport you to North Western Australia.


Anonymous said...

So nice to read your blog Joey. It's been sad,wet and mad here too. Loving the Pigram brothers! How delightful. So glad you are being so well clarissa xxxx

JoeyJoJo said...

Thanks Sweet pea. I am. Wish you were here though. xxxxx Joey xxxxx

sallywj said...

Darling Joey it looks like you are having a good time and I am so glad. I never knew there was really a place called Cooge (did I spell that right?) I have a koala teddy bear called Cooge. I think he probably came from my godfather who may well have got him in Australia. I just thought it was a cute made up name. Well you'll have to meet him when you get back to dear old E. H. which seems the duller grayer and wetter without your shiny presence to warm us. Hurry home safely
Your pal Sal.

JoeyJoJo said...

Darling sal. Yes indeed there is a place but it has a double "ee" as in Coogee. Was your Godfather a magician too? I was just telling Mic about your Dad and his affiliations with the magic circle, today!
Been having a lovely time but it would be made better if youse were here too.

suez said...

give yourself another eleven hours and you will be back in melbourne.not so many ocean swimming pools but still pretty nice.good luck on the return the images of Sydney as well xxxxxxxxxxx