Saturday, September 25, 2010

Richard Ludbrook Ave atque vale

Our Darling Richard passed away last night at 9.30 at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital with Roxi and I by his side. I knew it would be hard but I don't think I realised he really would never be coming home again. Here are some beautiful words from a suprising source.
"We can never lose anything that is good, never lose love or the memories of great happiness because they are true. I've come to the conclusion that only the eternal is real! And that means qualities that one loves in people - their humour, generosity, honour, kindness, gentleness etc are the reality: and can never die. They are the identity of the one one loves." Joyce Grenfell.
All my love to you my darlings reading this.
Joey x


Richard and Joey said...

Joey and Roxi, all love to you guys. There can be few better ways to go than with you two lovelies either side. Richard, you are loved and live on with us all.

BRB xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Dear Jo,

I heard the sad news from Geoff Wells this morning whilst at work. Rest assured that you (and of course Richard as his soul speeds through the heavens) are in our prayers.

Much love

Jem and Gudrun xxxx

Anonymous said...

Dear Joey

I send our condolences. We will light candles and send prayers for the valiant and talented Richard. Its hard to lose such a good man from our world. You've looked after him so well these past months, much admiration and love to you in your time of sorrow.

We'll think of you & your family this week and hold you in our prayers.

Love, Rosie & Suzie (Glasgow
friends of Tat Usher)

HIMSELF said...

So sorry to hear. All our love your way. Let us know if there is ANYTHING we can do. I imagine you aren't thinking ahead at all right yet but you're always welcome should you want a change of scenery.

Ken-HIMSELF and Kelly-kellypuffs

kelly said...

Oh Joey. The world will be the poorer without the incomparible Ricardo, but we are the better for having known him.

Big, giant hugs from across the pond.


NJP said...

Hi Joey, I'm sorry and sad. Richard was one of the nicest, funniest and smartest people. It was an honour to know him.
Condolences and very best wishes,
Nigel X

mummaspot said...

Dearest women, wife and daughter, you stood at the gateway and touched him last with your love, grace and Light.Surely from there it was express to the stars, returning Home.Ricardo was a man who loved and defended women. He was not afraid to die, only so worried about you guys. I cannot bear to think of this absence and so I will continue to see him there in his beloved Norfolk, walking the earth, happiest of men; making music, cooking exotic food, even sewing those crazy suits. Thanks Ricardo for all those days and thanks, Joey darling for the richness you gave him and to my daughter,Roxane your strength and constancy shines forth.xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Jo
I'm a friend who knew Ric from his Melbourne days. I was incredibly sad to hear the news but it sounds like he wasn't travelling so well these days. I will always remember his broad and welcoming smile and am sad that i will never see it again.

mellimum said...

Jo, I heard from Dad, but glad you posted this link on FB. I'm sure mum will be there for you once her conference is over, but no-one can (or should) fill Richard's place - but hope hugs, prayers and friendships help during this vacuum.

love from Nigel, Melanie, James & Amy (Caryll & Richard's family in Wym)

JoeyJoJo said...

Thank you so much for these lovely lovely words and wishes. So nice to read this morning early.
Kelly and Ken;I'll get there metaphorically as well as literally soon. xxx
Brond & Russ; Thank you for your lovely text, keep Ella up LOUD. xxx
Jem & Gudrun; Thank you for the idea of him speeding through the heavens.
Rosie & Suzie; How wonderful you were brave enough to leave me such a lovely message. We can count ourselves lucky to have Tat as a friend.
Dear Nige;Thank you, I know he felt the same way about you guys. xxx
Dearest Suzanne; What an inspiration you are. There will now be a horse and cart!
Dear Anonymous,I'd love to know who you are. Do you think you could write again and put your name in the message like Jem and Gudrun?
Dearest Melanie and gang. Thank you. We are lucky to have a Carryll Brown in our lives if only everyone had one. xxxxxx

Tat said...

Dearest Joey,

I've written you a big green paper letter but just wanted to put a wee message here to say I'm sending you and Ricardo and Roxi the hugest, fattest, shiniest love beams ever.


Anonymous said...

Oh Joanne just back from Scotland and logged on to the news... my thoughts are with you: richardo Ludders... at peace now... the struggle has abaited.
rejoice in knowing him... a great loss...
love and gentle solace in the morning and comfort in the day.
An English man at home.
my love to you to bring you strength

Anonymous said...

Dearest Joey

It is with a sad heart that I send you my love from the other side of the world. I am giving you the biggest hug now. Take care my dear friend. Much love from your Joey xxxx