Friday, September 03, 2010

Better today

Dear Blogreaders,
Things are a bit better today. I'm so sorry for the last depressing post. I think I just got sick of everyone asking me if Richard is alright when actually he's not. Sometimes it weighs heavily to have to keep everyone else up at the same time as me.
There are still good things happening here in our lives, like Liz Boorn-Hall who came to visit and made the best Moussaka known to man as well as the best plum cake.
and the ever cheerful Zebedee
with his best buddy Yusuf....
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Joey


Mardi Sommerfeld said...

Dearest Joey, I'm glad to hear things are a little better. I just wanted to say that you are loved - no matter if you're feeling exhausted, down, worn out or heartbroken. You don't need to be anything other than yourself for us blog readers... We all really appreciate the fact that you are communicating during this most difficult and heart wrenching time. You manage to write with such generosity and grace.
xxxx love you lady xxxxxx

Catherine Perversi said...

I honour your courage, honesty, open-heartedness, wisdom and strength during one of life's richest and often most painful rites of passage, and send you love, prayer and clarity. Catherine Perversi

JoeyJoJo said...

Thank you so much my lovelies.

Richard and Joey said...

Joey, you are still thinking of all of us and how you might bring us down, but we love both of you and there is no way ay of our love and support will dissipate, so you go ahead and spit the dummy whenever you like!! Huge, but gentle, hugs to Rich and big love atcha! xxx

suez said...

lovely you and lovely friends.well done and keep pumping XXX