Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Janie & Peter

Well we've said hello and goodbye to another lovely pair of friends. This time Janie and Peter Conway-Herron. Janie is a senior lecturer in creative writing at Southern Cross University in Australia. She's a writer too and the last time we saw them was in 2004 when she and Pete were traveling and researching her recent book Beneath the Grace of Clouds.
They have left East Harling now to continue their travels in Shetland to research the next book.
Janie has known Richard since 1965 when they both worked at The Pram factory in Carlton. Janie's brothers were the infamous Mick and Jim Conway of Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band fame. Richard played in the band with them. Here are a couple of videos, you may be able to spot Ricardo the Magnificent in the first one...

This second one is of the band before Richard joined but as I knew them when I'd go and see them at various dives around Melbourne. They were our favourite band.

It was at Mic Conway's National Junk Band's CD launch that I met Richard in 2002 and when I discovered he'd been in Captain Matchbox and sung the song "If I can't have Anna in Cuba, I think I'll see Esther in Spain", I was in love. Here they are singing "The land of Oz".


Kerry Kanta said...

How innocent and sweet they were. Still are really. xx Kerry

Louise Saxton said...

Yay, i've finally worked out how to do this! Love to you both. Louise

JoeyJoJo said...

Hey there. Nice to see you both on here.
Not a bad day today. Soup made, apple stewed and shortbreads out of the oven. Ricardo has had breakfast AND lunch today. Phew.