Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sue Thomas

It's the second last day that my Sister Sue is here making our life better in the UK. What shall we do????
I know let's take her to a STATELY HOME....which one though, we can't go too far nor spend too long....maybe one that's amazing outside and...
...amazing inside.
Blickling Hall. Perfect. Only an hours drive away yet a million miles away from everyday cares.
The sun shone. There weren't too many tourists as we were rather late in the day after having the essential cream tea in the restaurant.
Here are the three of us, Sue, Roxi and I but the person who's taking the photo is Louisa, Richard's niece who has come over for a week. Louisa the bold, Louisa the brave, Louisa the incredibly brainy. (There will be a post devoted to her soon too I promise)
In the mean time......What a hedge!
What gardens!
What a dining room!
What a kitchen!
Phew.....I needed a long rest in the "Long room".
But there was fun to be had with the girls outside in the "Parterre". If you click on these pictures they will show you the fun that was being had.

Roxi found the biggest connect four in existence. Unfortunately we didn't have enough time for a game.
At one time Anne Boleyn lived at Blickling Hall and the spelling of the Boleyn name was variable. Sometimes it was written as Bullen, hence the bull heads which formed part of her family arms.
It wasn't only the Bulls heads which were noticed!
Then today we had to do the right thing and set her on her path back to her little brood in Melbourne who have so selflessly let her come for 6 weeks now. It was so amazingly good to have her here.
She's mothered us all as she knitted and played cards and cooked wonderful meals and kept us all in good humour. She will be sorely missed.
Quick there's the train.
Farewell Sue Thomas, travel safely all the way back home.
Thank you from the bottom of our very full hearts.


Mardi Sommerfeld said...

What a wonderful post Joey, thank you.Lots of love xxxxxx

Roxi said...

We miss you Suez. Thanks for everything -you big NICEY.

Mrs WJ said...

Suez it was wonderful to meet you and safe journey home
Love Sally and John

Lulu LaBonne said...

Lovely to 'meet' your sist Joey. That house looks wonderful too - and so do you xxx

suez said...

Thanks my other lovely family, I really miss you too. I did make it on my long journey home. Fun in the hotel UNDER the flight path, near Heathrow. No jet lag yet, happy to find some sun and winter wattle blossoming.Stay positive and calm and all will be well XX love and more love Xxx

JoeyJoJo said...

Hey gang, we are holding up ok.
Lulu, Richard wants to meet you. What are our chances. I've been meaning to facebook you but keep running out of oomph.