Monday, August 09, 2010

Big dipper

Just a mini update for you all...
Richard WAS home last week for 6 whole days but went back into hospital early on Sunday morning (the 8th August)as he was in a lot of pain, hardly eating and feeling incredibly tight in his abdomen. I spent the day with him as we waited to be admitted; first into A & E then into Guist ward with all his old favourite nurses but minus the pooing and snoring bunch (small mercies).
I rang to see how he was feeling this morning and he was in top form. Had eaten all his dinner last night including the jelly and ice cream!!! (Note to self...must make more mashed stodge in future, not the usual gourmet fare) had a brilliant nights sleep and was keen for a game of our favourite card game...Yanif . Crikey, I can't keep up with him. So now it's back and forth to the hospital again always forgetting some vital piece of kit (toothpicks/pocket knife/nail clippers).
Hopefully they will drain him tomorrow and he'll be back home and thrashing us all at cards very soon.
I leave you with a lovely photo Roxi took a couple of weeks ago when Zebedee came to the hospital to visit. A real heart breaker.


Mrs WJ said...

Ohh so gorgeous I sorry he's in again but fingers crossed for a swift recovery and return home.Love to you both.

kelly said...

What a lovely photo of the boys.

Hugs all around!

JoeyJoJo said...

Thanks Goils. He is home again home again jiggety jig and in bed snoring as I write. xxxxxxxxx
Hugs back to both of you and Kelly, you must go and have a look at Mrs WJ's blog it lives at