Friday, August 13, 2010

En Famille

A lot has happened and yet nothing has happened lately. Richard is home with us again thank God. Maudie has been for 6 days and now it's time for Sue Thomas to go back to Melbourne and change with Richard's niece, Louisa who has come to visit for a week or so from Melbourne too.
Here are some photos from Maudie's visit and our morning rambles across Harling Heath, listening for Sky Larks.
I know, I know, no comments now about the apparel/umbrellas and the fact that it is meant to be summer.
Here is a rather lovely photo of Ricardo with Maudie at the hospital before he came back home.Here we are with Richard's brother Ray and sister-in-law Mary and Roxi in our remarkably suburban looking lounge room.
at the hospital sharing a "moment"
Back home with the other family, Clarry, Yusuf and Roxi looking at the inevitable and hard to resist; facebook (even though I'm trying to).
and one of me that Sue took when we managed to get a rare sisters moment together. Luckily it's in sepia and thus doesn't make me look as old as I am feeling at the moment.
I'll try and think of something more intelligent to talk to you all about when I get my act back together.


kelly said...

so happy you and ricardo are surrounded by family, friends, and love.

You are never far from our thoughts.

Much love xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...


I am an old friend of Ricks from Melbourne and MAtchbox and Circus Oz days. Rinske lives at my house and told me Rick is sick. I am sending love and courage and kind thoughts to you both. Rick you are a lovely person , kind and funny and romantic in the best sense. I am pleased to have known you and been a part of that mad touring and performing life with you. I hope all goes well.

Love to you all from Robin Laurie

JoeyJoJo said...

Dearest Robin. Wow. It's so nice to see you here instead of upside down above me. Thank you for the wonderful courage and thoughts (we thrive on 'em).
He will be so chuffed to get this message.
Lots of love right back at you and a special hug to Rinske. xx

Mrs WJ said...

Lovely pictures of lovely people. Big love

Anonymous said...

I am with you all. Your grace and courage shine from every communication. JoJo,your sister's visit has obviously given you all much needed comfort and assurance. Love all the photos. Do what you do so well. Love each other. XXXXX
Jen Hallinan