Wednesday, October 07, 2009

From the sublime to the incredibly frivolous

First the are some incredible images for your perusal photographed by my friend Mardi. She has an exhibition coming up at 69 Smith St gallery in Melbourne Australia 11 - 28 November. Get on down if you can.
These photos were taken at Wilsons Promontory National Park. One of my favourite places in the whole world. They are of Xantheria or grass trees after the recent bushfires there.
It seems grass trees bloom profusely after such a traumatic event. A brilliant metaphor for hope after trauma.
Now for the frivolous. My darling friend Sally WJ went to Paris on a school excursion and despite the fact that she had 20 small girls to look after managed to hotfoot it down to the Laduree pattisserie and buy me a small yet stylish bag of heaven.
In descending order; raspberry, pistachio, orange flower and rose. Now I know the benchmark I need to achieve..... the packaging is sublime as were the biscuits.
(As you can see Sally there are only 4 of the eight left for me to photograph). What a star.


Mardi said...

I laughed out loud, my first bit of publicity. thanks joey. And, man those sweet treats look sensational!xxxxx

Roxi said...

love it all, all yes most native aussie plants rely on fire to get them going.... or have developed very clever defenses. the banksia is one thats seed pods will only open after intense heat -once the underbrush is burnt away theres better chance of propagation. and there's some gumtree up in arnhemland (and around)that has thick furry bark that only goes halfway up, so when the fire comes, it burns away the bark -not the tree! Hurrah! mother nature is so clever!
as is mardi, lovely pics. might have to come see !

JoeyJoJo said...

Mard- Maybe your first bit of publicity but I'm sure it's not your last. xxx
Good luck
Roxi-You should definitely go and check out Mardi's photos they will be much more amazing in the flesh. xxxx