Monday, October 19, 2009

My new career

The fair I did on the weekend went well. At first people were highly suspicious of the macarons and couldn't believe 1: that they were edible and 2: that I'd actually made them. I sold almost all of them in the end.
I sold 8 cushions which is better than most other fairs I've done. It was sad though that my cushion stand was the only one where the goods were actually made by someone in the room, someone in the county even.


Anonymous said...

Macarons were absolutely fabulous, but Kate would not let me eat all of them as she has taken some down to her Mum's.
So I am left bereft!!

The Rector.

JoeyJoJo said...

I'm glad you liked them Dave. There will be more coming your way soon. xxx

suez said...

My dearest little sister. You are so amazing What a huge undertaking and some amazing colours in those little pillows of goodness.You have managed to make edible cushions so well.I think I would love to eat every single flavour. .Also you did say you sold eight cushions >wow well done.Let the bluebird of happiness twitter on your shoulder every day.XXxxXX