Friday, July 11, 2008

Morning bike ride

For a few months now the 'Buns-of-steel' or B.O.S. programme has been a morning bike ride with my buddy Caryll. We usually huff along the back roads near our village avoiding the hills as much as possible. We are gradually getting fitter though (well I think Caryll's getting fitter, I'm finding it harder to keep up with her). First we go through the forest and the green is amazing with bracken, oak and beech trees, sometimes we see deer, it always smells fresh & clean. Then we ride on past the pigs which smell bloody awful but always make me laugh. They probably think we're pretty funny in our cycling getup. Most days they run as fast as they can to get away from us but this morning they didn't seem to care.
There are a few typically Norfolkian Flint houses along the way with wonderfully neat vegie gardens that always make me wish I had the time & space to cdreate one of my own.
Then the landscape opens out into classic Breckland with Scots pine & fields of gold. There are poppies galore at the moment and the wind in the wheat always takes my breath away with a kind of sob. Can you hear it?
There are beautiful wild flowers on the edges of the fields, Caryll says the purpley blue one is a kind of cornflower....of course it would be. Just a few more shots of the poppies. They made a red carpet as far as you could see.
We really have the most beautiful countryside to ride through.
When photographing stuff I always think there's a bit of Divine intervention...sometimes the sun comes out at the perfect time & you just get the right shot. I think this shot was the definitive one.


kelly said...

lovely, lovely, lovely.

They are all beautiful, but I think MY favorite is the closeup of the wheat.

You're a talented girl with Buns o' Steel. :-)

JoeyJoJo said...

Thanks Ms Puffs. I hope your blackberry is sorted.

suez said...

I love your little snippets of your world. I think you are a beautiful photographer.I love the poppy fields and yes I can hear the wind in the wheat, and maybe even a lark ascending ..XXXXXX

skips said...

Those pictures are so beautiful.