Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Smaller than usual cushion

I got inspired and made a pin cushion what do you think?
No pins in it yet as I want to go and get some special pearly ones. All mine here in the workroom are melted from the iron or bent like crazy.
Cute little bottom huh?

I have been working on a major project and have been taking photos all the way but I don't want to post until it's all done.....I'll keep you in suspense 'til then.



Sally WJ said...

How lovely, it looks like a gorgeously constructed muffin and good enough to eat.

JoeyJoJo said...

Hmmm what a good idea, maybe I'll make a little cakey one next.

suez said...

wow I cant believe across the seas I have also made a pincushion.The new arts officer at montsalvat wants photos of the artists work to make into cards to sell and I thought that a pincushion would be great.I have brought some fabric home tonight to play with ...I love youXX