Thursday, July 17, 2008

Currant crazy

Look Kelly P, it's a whole year since you were here doing this in Harriet's garden. There weren't any red currants this year only black. Now I've been franticly googling for recipes to use them all up. We still have a few jars of jelly left over from last year..thus the jar sitting on my thigh of "one I prepared earlier"...

The only time we had to pick was really early this morning so we had to tiptoe into the garden so as not to wake Harriet.


kelly said...

So sorry I missed it!!!!

Has it already been a YEAR?!?!

I'm sure I haven't adequately expressed my thanks for you and the wonderful Ricardo for opening up your hearts and your home to a wandering blogger from across the pond.

My time in Norfolk was magical, and you guys are reason.

Thank you!!

JoeyJoJo said...

You don't need to thank us any more at all. We had a great time showing you round and are still reeling from all the pressies you brought us and that cute little Zebedee.

Roxi said...

dad, cut your hair you big hippie