Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Long Melford

Today I went on an adventure to Sudbury to see if I could find some silk for a couple of jobs I will be doing for Churches nearby. I've blogged before about the silk mills in Sudbury.
I never need much of an excuse to go. It's about an hours drive away and this time it was well worth it. I found the perfect green silk damask and a lovely cream as well. I'll blog later about what I'm making with them.
On the way home I drove off the main road to a village called Long Melford. This area is an old wool growing area and the Churches are fantastic; big and grand from all the riches that came from that Medieval trade.
I wandered around the village and then the amazing Church. It has a famous small Rondell of stained glass which has three hares on it. The altar cloth had the same beautiful & quirky design. There are three hares, each with two ears but somehow there are only three ears instead of six. Photo from this website


kelly said...

what a wonderful adventure and beautiful pictures! I would have loved to tag along! :-)

JoeyJoJo said...

I kept thinking of you the whole time. You would have loved it, especially the Hares in the Church.

Anonymous said...

love the hares they are so clever.And the swans look beautiful as well .Hopefully you are a bit warmer now. Not like us with storms and wind and blowing down trees.Not ours though luckily XXxxXXXsuez..