Friday, April 25, 2008


When I moved to the UK from Australia, the internet was my lifeline to family and friends back home. I spent an enormous amount of time on it creating my blog and surfing other peoples' blogs. I craved and found a new community. Part of that community was my new found friend Kelly who laid her life and limb on the line by actually coming to visit us here in Norfolk, England (despite her Father thinking she would be sold into the white slave trade if she came to visit people she had met in cyberspace).
I have a ritual now of blog checking in the mornings....I must admit it starts off with mine. Usually I then check Kelly's and my sister Suez but then venture further, zigzagging across the globe. A couple of my favourites are Yarnstorm and Posy gets cosy. I love their celebrations of the domestic and particularly their recent Tulip posts. So here without further sentimental ado is my homage to them with my very own bunch of tulips picked from our own very small garden. Thanks girls for the inspiration.
How amazing to step outside my door and pick a bunch of Queen-of-the-night.

And here is the reason I came to this wet and green island.... my Darling Ricardo.

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