Monday, April 07, 2008

Heavy horses

Ricardo & I went to a nearby village called Euston to see some heavy horses in action on the weekend. My new best friend David Boggia told us it was on. He's an old Norfolk boy that lives in the village and had started coming to bellringing practice. He owns a host of old (what is the collective noun for) tractors and what's called a "living van" which he wants me to make an authentic horsehair mattress for....It was absolutely freezing but wonderful. These horses are such gentle giants. The old boys that tend to them are amazing too with huge side wiskers.It was snowing on their shiny black coats but these ones stood there patiently waiting for their next instructions.You can see in the video how elegantly they put one foot beside each other to turn a corner.
With petrol prices skyrocketing maybe it wont be long until horses are back as the preferred mode of farming. So much must have been lost when farmers no longer had a relationship with their animals.


Anonymous said...

such lovely gentle giants .Doro told me you had been to see them..We could all do withxxxx suez

JoeyJoJo said...

Yes indeedy we could all do with a horse or two to pull out stumps and till the ground.
We have daffodils in our tiny little backyard Thomsey. Pheasant's eye I think.