Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Sudbury silks

Last week I went to Sudbury in Suffolk UK.
Thomas Gainsborough, the famous artist, was born in the town in 1727 and the town hosts the world renowned Gainsborough House museum.
For centuries it has been a silk spinning & weaving town & there are 3 or 4 mills still making silks there.
One has a shop. Uh oh.
They make silk for ties & here are some of the sumptuous textiles I bought when I was there.
I thought they would make up beautifully into lampshades so I bought an old one at a local charity shop, stripped the old fabric off it & will re cover it as soon as I can decide which fabric to use. Perhaps you could nominate one for me in the comments section.

I also bought what I thought would be a great base.... a birdcage. Very Chinnoisserie.
I just looked up Sudbury silk on 'google' & got a link to Ralph Lauren. They have ties there made in Sudbury that sell for $95.00. Crikey I'm in the wrong market.
Here too at Old town clothing, they make beautiful ties from Sudbury silk.

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