Monday, March 20, 2006

Insects & no cushions

The insect circus was good & not so good. It was in a tiny old saloon-style Victorian music hall built in 1863 in Shoreditch. It felt like going back in time. The insects were mostly people dressed as such, with one ladybird about 80cm long made to sit on a remote control car, that wizzed about the stage. This weekend just gone was the first time Mark & Sarah had put the show on. It was an amazing amount of work. They'd done all the costumes & sets, promotion, poster & everything. Still..... I'd like to see it again in 6 months time. There wasn't enough drama in the show. It lacked Circus Oz's early days hilarity & political satire. The best part was the finale which was a trapeze act with a girl in red & white polka dot outfit & a guy in a blue leotard with pink short satin pants with pom poms over the top. They were very skilled & created a little story of flirtation around the performance that somehow drew you in. It's a hard premise for a show though as people are big & insects small... do you try to make them look like insects or an anthropomorphic version thereof.
We did have a marvelous time in Hampstead though staying with our darling buddy Vicky, and her dogs George & Gracie.
There's a house up the road from her place which is covered in ivy, with an old wrecked scooter in the front yard. Who lives there??? Any one??? Lookout.

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