Friday, March 17, 2006

Grey day

Today is a grey day. Yesterday was grey too.
I went all the way to Southwold yesterday, 3 and a half hours of driving. I took some cushions to the "Craftco" shop there which I've mentioned in a previous blog. The woman there was pretty blase about them. She kept saying how well made they were. Seemed like it was all she could say.
So now I'm trying to get motivated again to try again. She said she'd ring today to let me know what they all decided at their monthly meeting last night. Can't wait (can a computer detect irony???).
On a brighter note, we are going to see the insect circus on the weekend. Staying next to Hampstead Heath with our friend Vicky. Should be nice to get away from it all. I have no idea what it will be like.

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skips said...

How intriguing! I can't wait to hear what it's all about.