Saturday, September 15, 2007

To be a Farmer's boy

We had a wonderful night last night at the Church Harvest supper. What we thought would be a pretty daggy affair turned into quite a spiritual event. They usually hold it in the Old School Hall opposite us here but not enough people bought tickets so they had it in the Church. There were only about 30 people and it was so nice to sit at a few tables with people we see every week but rarely get to really talk to. Richard took his guitar and we sang a bit. He sang a beautiful old old song his Father used to sing to him when he was little called "The Farmers Boy" and quietly at first but then louder & louder sang all the older people (which was pretty much everyone). The reserved English came out of their shells.


Roxi said...

the sun had set behind yon hill,
across the dreary moor,
when weary and lame a lad there came,
up to the farmers door,
can you tell me, where there be
a ......something... to employ-oy-oy-oy-oy,
to plow and sow
and reap and mow
and be a farmers boy oy oy oy oy
and be a farmers boy.

i loved that song
funny, my dad used to sing it to me too. i hope that this time he didnt sing it too far up in his nose though..... (you know exactly what i mean...)

JoeyJoJo said...

I know exactly Roxi. I'm been weaning him out of it. He's only allowed to do it when singing drunken sea shanties now.

capt. rick said...

yeah, yeah, yeah