Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Parties galore

We had a hectic social calendar this weekend with a Pirate party (the reason for Ricardo's groovy facial hair)
There were some inspired outfits, like this one that Lynn made from old stockings & face paint.
What's that you say about a dead man's chest?.......................and a Noughty party for our friends Edward & Rachel.
It was Rachel's 50th birthday, her Father's 80th, she & Edwards 30th wedding anniversary & lots more noughty facts. They had gone to such trouble to prepare their beautiful house & garden. Here are a few photos of the highlights.
We camped overnight in our bargain tent, next to the VERY loudly SNORING William Fairbank.
Sorry...not this tent...
This one................. Here are the happy couple of noughties themselves at the gateway of the party.
There was some marvelous motor action that Richard had to get in on in his matching outfit.
The sign on the maypole read "There is nought better than good company". There was country dancing & speeches. All Edward & Rachael's children sing or play an instrument and so there was the most splendid entertainment too. Here is a short video of everyone who was anyone singing "Zadoc the Priest" with Edward & his son Nick playing duet on piano. Turn your volume right up before you play it.

Richard was dying to let one of the balloons go & finally got his chance the morning after.
And as you can see the sun has FINALLY come out.
Need time to recover now.


Suez.. said...

AHRRRrrr me hearties Love the pirates.I thought there was more facial hair than normal.Keep it, it looks very French...

skips said...

I did manage to get to my pirate party last night. Not quite as much diversity in costumes as yours seems to have had. There was one girl with quite a bootylicious 'treasure chest' though.

Have fun in France land!

Anonymous said...

mais oui bootilicious one ! quelle dommage ma souer chére, la mo no mo' - Ricardo de Milano xxx