Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Kelly part 2

Well how amazing it is to meet someone you've never met & have so much in common.

Last night when we got home from a marathon airport pick-up, my throat felt really sore, "Oh no" I thought, some sort of lurgy. It turns out it was just from talking so much on the trip home.

We slept in until 2pm today. Then Kelly & I went to Attleborough to the bank & I showed her the Lidl could she come all this way & not experience the delights of that great retail giant.
On our way home we took the scenic route through Wilby & Quidenham. This is what we did a lot of.It's great to see this lovely place through someone elses eyes.

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andyp said...

Given the number of pics in your blog entries, you really ought to look at a service like Flickr :-) then we could all tag and favourite them :-)