Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Winging my way back to spring

Hello happy blog readers.
I'm back in the "Old dart", the "Mother country", "Limey".
I've never had a flight that seemed longer. At Singapore Airport I felt the bottom of my right leg go numb & for the next 14 hours I was convinced I was about to keel over, just like my Dad from the blood clot that was surely circling my body. Hair raising & scary. Seems fine now though.
Here are some pics of my sister & me & her partner Adam, mucking about at Melbourne airport before I left.(So glad my trouser's matched the surroundings).

My darling Richard picked me up at Heathrow & we drove for 4 hours up to Norwich to see Geoff Muldaur sing & play his signature Martin guitar. I managed to sleep through almost every song & wake up to clap. Tired is an understatement. Why couldn't I have had that kind of tiredness on the plane, where you can't keep your eyes open for a second. Even so the concert was great, so glad we bought the CD. Can recommend him highly.

I came home to Spring in a big way, here are the tulips outside our front door.

We went to Church in the tiny village of Rushford where there was even more Spring happening. It's so absolutely beautiful here in Spring, my sis is coming to experience it next year. (Yay Thomsey).

My buddy Tim came to visit us.... a very expensive visit indeed, not such a great idea to travel on a Bank holiday weekend from France but we were so glad to see him.
On Monday bank holiday we went on the most English of adventures...a bellringing outing!!! To 6 Churces in Lincolnshire, on a bus with about 25 others. I rang in my first tower of 10 bells. Truly amazing to be doing this ancient thing in such ancient places. The isolated church here in Sempringham is where the last true Princess of Wales was brought to the previous abbey when she was 18 months old. Born in 1282 & kidnapped so she wouldn't be able to lead a revolt aginst the English crown, she lived here in the flat fen country of Lincolnshire never having seen her native land & never speaking her native tounge. She survived for 54 years. No happy ending here.
The church is so out of the way that there was no electricity & to climb up the tiny spiral staircase you had to go on all fours & hope you didn't bang into the person's bum ahead of you, when we reached the ringing chamber & strted to ring, the tower started to move, making the candleabra hanging above us rock gently. The graffiti was ancient too.
One of the other towers had the huge clock pendulum swinging back & forth in the middle of the ringing chamber.

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