Friday, May 05, 2006

London fabric adventures

Yesterday Clarissa & I went to London, to Goldhawk St, Shepherds bush to be precise. On a mad dash for fabric for our new venture "Buntings R Us". It was the most beautiful day. I think it got to 27 degrees, and all the tulips & wisteria & cherry blossom were out in the parks of London.
Clarissa bought miles of spotty, stripey, mad fabrics to make mini flags out of for our 'weddings- parties-anything' venture from the 'Job warehouse' of the UK. It was great to be in amongst such a mad conglomeration of people. At one stage there was a really tall german girl (here in the photo), next to a black girl with amazingly long braided hair, next to a short asian guy in a black fishnet vest & leather trousers, next to a woman in a burkah covered head to toe, talking on her mobile phone, all being served by these cheeky Indian guys behind the counter. There was every sort of fabric you can imagine & at one stage a pile of it started to fall on me. Saved by another dashing Indian bloke who kept muttering "be careful, be careful" like a mantra. I can imagine they often have disasterous cave ins. It was so good to be surrounded by people who could sew, I don't meet that many of them, we're a dying breed.

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