Monday, May 22, 2006

Birthday fun with Ricky & Joey

Yay.. we went out on a big beautiful birthday fun day yesterday. It started with lunch at the Rose & Crown Hotel complete with blackcurrant sorbet, and honeycomb & raspberry meringue ice cream, and went on to one of Her Majesty's most beautiful properties, Sandringham . It was pouring with rain as you will see if you can view the video but nevertheless great fun. Here you can see the pleached Lime walk....with lovely little patches of grass & wildflowers left under the trees.

Here too are pictures of Richard in his gay TV presenter mode and me looking a lot like Little bo peep. The gardens were incredible with one of the biggest chestnut trees I've ever seen, in bloom. A huge planter filled with pale blue pansies. I guess if you're the Queen you just have to think of it & it's done. Plus having an army of gardeners and a property that's been there for a few hundred years.
There were even sheep with lambs to highten the Bo-Peep effect. The Rhodedendrons were amazing, in every colour imaginable. The wisteria smelled like heaven. There were 60 acres of this heaven in fact.
You weren't allowed to take photos inside the house but it was just as amazing as the gardens, with huge tapestries & silk wall paper from SUDBURY. Chinoiserie lamps to die for.


Kim Bradbury said...

Hi Joey, glad you had such a great birthday! Kimie x

JoeyJoJo said...

Thanks darlin'. So nice to see you today. Love to Robbie too. xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Lovely Lady!!! Looks like a fantastic day out together... Love Mard xxx

JoeyJoJo said...

Yay Mard. What no blog yet????

Anonymous said...

looks like a great day out

Roxi said...

there was a birthday?? im so terrible.

happy birthday mumsy!!