Saturday, August 29, 2009

Frenzy and calm

It's been all sytems go 'round here at La maison du bonheur. Liz has her first proper guests coming to stay here today (Saturday), as there is a trés important wedding happening in the village.
She and Ricardo (and even yours truly) have been slaving away for 10 or more hours a day all week to get at least one room up to scratch. As part of the preparations we made some gorgeous tranparent natural coloured linen curtains for the room. As an even more important step we had to make up a workshop to sew them in. Oh my....who could wish for a more romantic workshop. Painted a pale purpley colour with sea grass matting that makes the whole room smell just wonderful. Liz realised she had a spectacular machine tucked away in the cupboard especially for pressing things. Ooh la la, that added to the wonderous smells emanating from our end of the house. Here's yours truly relishing the ironing for a change.
This is it from the outside. It's the open window on the left.
And one more picture of inside all set to go.
Meanwhile in the business end of the house, the others were as busy as Santa's elves. Painting, putting in cupboards and skirting, scrubbing all the painty bits off the new bathroom.

And then finally unwrapping the bed and titivating. (The best part)
Here's Liz absolutely rooted.
And finally, finally the long awaited and well earned champagne on the terrace where we could sit and watch the swallows on the same level as us.
So here it is with great pleasure I bring to you the most tasteful, the most restful place in the whole of the Maine et Loire.


sallywj said...

Hello you workers of the world. What a beautiful place to toil away. Dying to know if you managed to sneak a peak at the wedding? Anyway it looks ad if you deserved the champagne.
Big love guys from all in Verfeil

sallywj said...

Uh oh more wonky tyoing and this time I can't even blame the cat!

Roxi said...


Boy what a difference 6 months can make!


JoeyJoJo said...

Sally WJ - Big Love always makes up for bad spelling by miles. xxxx
Roxi - we needed you here, it would have all gone so much quicker with 2 more hands. xxxx