Saturday, August 08, 2009

Churches, Christenings and harvest

Yesterday I went to see the banner that I made for the Swaffham Mothers Union. I've been a bit lonesome lately as Ricardo is incredibly busy with work. It was the perfect antidote to being stuck at home all day and all night with just the radio for company. Sometimes my work feels so solitary. It was marvelous to be treated like a mini celebrity at the Swaffham Church Coffee morning. I'd been a bit nervous about putting up my needlework skills in front of women who have been doing it far longer than me but they were all incredibly forthcoming with their praise. It goes a long way sometimes. Here I am with the finished article in it's position next to a William Morris stained glass.
The Church is amazing and has a beautiful hammer beam roof with over 190 angels carved in it. A spectacular sight and the whole roof put together without a single nail.
Here too is a marvelous painted relief carving of Catherine Steward, Oliver Cromwell's maternal Grandmother who died in 1590. It's a rarity to see a memorial like this still painted so richly. You can't really see it here but she carries a skull on her cushion.
Here too is a small carving of the Pedlar of Swaffham's dog an interesting story of myth turned into reality.Today, Sunday we celebrated the baptism of our lovely Godson Humphrey. My friend Chris lent me the hat, matching bag, shoes and necklace. I've never been so properly attired in all my life. Not many photos unfortunately as it was hard to teeter on heels, keep hold of my clutch, hold the baby and take photos at the same time.
We did manage to ring the bells though in the fabulously old belfry at Banham.
On the way home it was the most perfect afternoon and they were harvesting. Here are a few pics to make you realise where your daily bread comes from.


sallywj said...

Wow Joey you look amazing what a glam godmother. Isn't he a sweet boy. Did he cry?

JoeyJoJo said...

Hey there Sal. He cried at exactly the right moment, when the 'Devil' was mentioned and then promptly fell asleep. Very very cute. Thanbks for your lovely comment. I'm busting with excitement at our impending visit. xxxxxxx