Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Finally at La Fosse

Never underestimate the heat, even if you're on holiday! Especially if you have to drive for 8 hours in it.
If you look closely here you can see that I look absolutely knackered and a bit f...ed off, with a plastered on smile .
Ricardo being the Sweetie that he is wanted to show me the area around the Dordogne on our mammoth drive back north from the Tarn et Garonne to the Loire region. He worked there near La Roque Gageac for a while as a barman in a nudist camp (no really) so I tried to say ooh and aah at the appropriate times even though all I wanted to say was zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz on this boat called 'Norbert' (maybe without all the people though). This area is Tourist Central. if you click on the photo above you should be able to see 7 million tourists. We stopped at Sarlat for a wander around and a granita which saved my spirits.
This is the site of the old goose market as this is the prime place for foie gras.
Even Ricardo was looking a little pissed off by now (as he didn't have the granita). Although this amazing door made up for it.
So it was quite good to get back on the road again and continue our marathon journey to...... 'La maison du bonheur'. We finally arrived at 11pm and after the requisite glass of wine went to bed. But next morning however, there was work to be done as it was Liz's good friend Laure's birthday. Many canapes were made, much meat was barbecued and a lot of fun was had by all.
Unfortunately I don't have any photos of the 20 or so friends enjoying themselves but needless to say we had a ball and ended up falling into bed at 2am.
Here's one last photo of Ricardo surrounded by beauties as he likes to be while singing 'La Mer'.


Mardi said...

Wow, what a huge couple of days Joey !
I hope you're resting with your feet up now somewhere with a cool breeze.
It does look great from your photos tho, enjoy! Mard xxx

Mrs WJ said...

Hey Joey, Norbert is a great name for a boat. Do you know that St Norbert's day is 6th June. True!!! It was my dad's birthday. Glad you got there safely.
Love Sal