Monday, September 15, 2008

Autumn bike ride & berries

It was the 25th year of the Norfolk Churches trust annual bike ride on Saturday.
Richard & I had done it once before & I'd felt knackered after about the 2nd church. This year however, after the "Buns-o-steel" campaign, I managed to do the whole lot....30 plus miles and ten churches in all with only a slightly sore bum. It was a gorgeous day and it felt great to be outside ALL day. We went with some buddies, Sheila & Rod & Rebecca and it made all the difference spurring each other on.
Riding along Peddars Way dodging huge puddles, through sunlight & shadow, smelling the forest was just grand. We've raised about £100 so far , so half of it will go to our dear Church at East Harling.
The only down side to the day was that after remembering to take the camera and happily snapping away, I got to the 4th Church & realisied I hadn't put the memory card in. Dohhh.

We saw some amazing Churches in various states. Some amazingly well looked after and some with tiles off the roof and nothing inside. Still beautiful though. An incredible legacy for years to come in a county that has more churches per person per acre than anywhere else in the world.

Along the way we spied the most amazing harvest of balckberries so we went back on Sunday (with the camera this time to pick some)...

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