Sunday, December 02, 2007

Southwold cushions at Craftco

On a beautiful sunny winters day we drove an hour and a half away to Southwold.
I'd been asked to make some cushions for a shop there called Craftco for their Christmas exhibition. We dropped off the cushions, had lunch there with a load of other tourists and then meandered home.
Here are a few shots of the finished items....I'm hoping the pink bolster doesn't sell. It's so divine I want to keep it....(even if I do say so myself)


Mardi Sommerfeld said...

The cushions look gorgeous Jo, well done! I added some text to my latest post to tell the story... bit slack of me, I know but the shots all take so long to organize that I scrimp on words! xx

kelly said...

beautiful,gorgeous, sumptuous!

Love them all.


JoeyJoJo said...

Thanks you guys. I hope you're feeling better Kellski. xxxxxxx

yvette said...

Your cushions are stunning, thanks for your lovely comment.

Lucy said...

Hi Joey, Jacinta was just here and we had a great time looking at your blog. She wrote you a long message but i don't think it was posted. I am just about to take Rory to a friends house for a play so have to keep moving but will post again soon. Rory just turned 5 and Maisie will be 2 on Sept 1 so V busy. Have just gone back to fulltime work after 6 years of part time. Gazza works part time from home as a financial advisor and spends rest of time being a house husband. Great to look at your wonderful blog and see how rich your life is. Bye for now, Love Luey