Monday, December 17, 2007


Finaly I got to the computer. ...
Here are a few shots that prove we are here in balmy temperatures in sunny Melbourne. I'm terribly jet lagged whereas Ricardo uses the "Denial" technique which seems to work quite well.
We went to the Vic market on Saturday morning, the largest and oldest in the Southern hemisphere. These are all bottles of balsamic of mangoes anyone?
You can get anything here you can think of including kangaroo meat. (Ricardo was accommodating my photo requests here but really wanted to comply with his own coffee needs)
The Yarnuff play-off is progressing very nicely and guess what.....Richard is winning. I can hear it in the other room as I sit & type. Imagine sitting at the table with the window open in a summer dress.....wowee kazowee.


kelly said...

get out. Richard is winning? That NEVER happens. :-)

Looks like heaven. Enjoy some of those mangoes for me.


lena said...

no way he is winning... it's 1 all.

JoeyJoJo said...

Oh dear now it's 2 to Lena and 1 to Richard, she's gone out & we're not allowed to play until she gets home again.