Saturday, December 29, 2007

Southern Christmas

Here is what our Southern hemisphere Christmas looked like very hot tree which made the air smell so strongly of pine....Amy & Lena only just awake, still wrapped in their Doonas/Duvets.
After unwrapping pressies, we went on to "The Wellses" for the traditional Aussie breakfast of prawns and beer & ham. They have a great Chris Kringle present giving game where everyone gets a number (from a sadly depleted lotto ball dispenser). The person with number one has to choose a present from the pile. The second and following people can choose to either unwrap the present they've picked up or steal the previous present. The advantage is to go last so you can snaffle any of the presents opened so far. Luckily we were last. Ricardo wanted the mozzie zapper and morrocan hat but I got in first knowing we had very little room in our suitcase for such paraphenalia and zeroed in on the large lolly/sweets/candy pile that someone had already chosen. Yay violet crumbles all round.
Here's a little visitor we had. Flattening out his tummy on the back porch...a blue tongue lizard. Very welcome as they usually keep snakes away.

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