Sunday, April 22, 2007

Wishing and hoping and waiting

At last........ after a two and a half hour drive, then the excruciating last hour waiting at the arrivals section at Heathrow airport. SUE THOMAS arrived.

Later that night we had a hilarious dinner at Clarissa's where Richard was the only boy, surrounded by 5 girls.... needless to say he loved it.

Today we took her to that most English of scenes.....the Bluebell wood.
Wayland woods has been a wood since the Ice Age. It's supposedly the scene of the sad Babes-in-the-woods story. Today it twittered & sang with birdsong & smelled heavenly. We ate a picnic in a clearing (complete with TIM TAMS, Kelly). There was a lot of sniffing and laughing & eating.

Here is Sue spotting the early purple orchid. It's so nice to have here here....thanks Amy Adam & Lena for letting her come......Kelly, we miss you. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


kelly said...

yay! Glad she made it safe and sound.

Wish I were there. :-)


JoeyJoJo said...

Us too.