Monday, April 30, 2007

Biggest birthday bash ever

What a great time was had. The birthday boy didn't stop smiling all night long.
Like a fish swimming through clear water, Ricardo was in his element.
He had asked the band if it would be OK to sing a few numbers with them and you could see that they thought it was a bit of a drag for the host to steal their thunder. ..... Well that soon changed as Ricky Royale swung into a fabulous swinging rendition of "Caledonia". Suddenly the band all stood taller & nodded to one another, as if to say "This guy's HOT". He got a standing ovation for that first song & nobody sat back down after.
Yours truly got to sing as well and got a bit of a taste for it, I could get used to singing with a professional bunch of musicians. (I couldn't however put the gorgeous Lucy out of a job though.

People really entered into the spirit of things and dressed up. We even managed to get a token Nazi. It was the hugest amount of organisation, but worth every second. Why do you think I married a guy who can dance like this.... Sue Thomas looked like a vision in her sparkly silver & blue dress.
Even Humphrey Bogart, William's labrador had a special suit made for him by a BBC costume designer (Clarissa May!!!!)

Phew I need a big lie down now though.


kelly said...

soooooooooooo jealous. Sounds like a wonderful wonderful party, with wonderful people.

Ricardo is a lucky man.


skips said...

WOWEEE! It looks amazing. You guys did an amazing job, especially on your own looks.