Saturday, April 14, 2007

7 days

Quick get's only 7 days until Sue Thomas comes.


I must admit when I have the time I love to clean the house.
Sad I know. Our vacuum cleaner is so pathetic though that you have to use the smallest nozzle

in order to pick up any dirt....consequently I've got a blister from vacuuming.

You can see here that operation 'Buns of Steel' is kind of working.


suez. said...

you are a crazy woman .you made me the looks of the sleeveless top it is hot in your part of the world.Luckily i have some warm weather clothes to bring(and cold) or maybe I just borrow yours.!!!..

JoeyJoJo said...

It's been Really hot weather. Our skinny little English legs came out to see the sun today.
Don't worry about clothes.....we always go nude anyway.

kellyd said...

what fun you two are going to have. :-)

CrazyMelly said...

Wonderful photos Jo! Thanks for the encouragement, I've had a great week and i am looking forward to school for the fist time in my life!
You make Norfolk look interesting, joke, forgive me, I was brought up there so sorry for any offence.
:)love to all especially the Mans of Harling.