Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Wednesday...visiting buddies

What luxury it is to have a bit of time to visit my favourite friends in sunny Melbourne. Here are some pics of my buddies Mardi & Macgregor, then Nellie & Katerine (Lula the cat). Thanks Dad. Thanks Ricardo.
It's Mard's 40th coming up.
Question: What would a girl want for her birthday?
Answer: Flaming arrows made & shot by her man into the sea at Airies Inlet....
Here they are being made. Hopefully I'll get some shots of them being fired.
And let's hope another ash Wednesday is NOT forthcoming.


skipper said...

hi joey
don't want you to go
wish you never had

sue t said...

hello jo,
i am lovin' your blog. I think blogs work when you know the person because as you said it's like reading a illustrated letter or diary.
it's great to read about you life in england and then to see pictures. I adore the cushion a week thing. They look wonderfully unusual and 'exotic'. look forward to hearing about our adventures at Max's beach house!