Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Easter at Rheola central Victoria (to turf)

When Mum was independant & 'Gung ho', she lived by herself in a mud brick, solar powered, self sufficient house on 40 acres of land up past Bendigo in Victoria, at a place called Rheola.
She planted an avenue of lemon scented gums up the driveway & almost broke her heart & her back trying to carve out a garden in that clay rich, dry as a bone 'gold country'.
My sister & I went with family this Easter for a visit to that dry, grey, soft australian bush. More scented with eucalyptus & lemon than any English rose garden. Relaxing time for Sally & Suez to knit next to the camp fire.

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cheekee said...

good to see monkee hope he hasn't been too cooped up