Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter at Airey's Inlet (from surf)

Easter was big.
First Airey's Inlet on Victoria's South Coast. For Mard's 40th.
What a rip snorter. Magreg made 40 flaming arrows & he & Mard shot them at dusk straight at the full moon. In tandem like shadows of each other. I have this one photo but it's really hard to see. The two points of light are the flaming arrows.
We all had a go and boy it was fantastic. I'm completely inspired to take up archery & hire myself out as Eros for weddings & other significant events.
After we'd shot all the arrows off into the ocean, MacGregor dipped the last bit of flame onto the sand and a flaming heart whooshed into being. (One he'd prepared earlier). He had also carved a heart out of sequoia wood that you can see at the beginning of this post.
Wow what a guy.... no wonder Mard looks so happy.

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