Monday, February 13, 2006


Last Thursday Kate & I went to Walsingham to do some market research on Ecclesistical wear. (I am making a stole for her partner David who is being made a Curate in June this year.)
It's a strangely quiet and run down place. Which makes it seem authentic & weird.
Here's a little about Walsingham from the web site.
"Built in the twentieth century the Shrine Church is where the Holy House is located - a replica of the home in Nazareth of Joseph, Mary and Jesus (the Holy Family).

Within the Holy House is the image of Our Lady of Walsingham, carved in 1922 and copied from the seal of the medieval Priory which was suppressed in 1538."
Here's a picture of the carving from the same website.

There were some beautiful second hand embroidered articles in a tiny shop down a side street. In the window were brass incense burners & icons. Unfortunately no 'throbbing heart lights' or 'nodding Jesus' for the back parcel shelf in the car.
I came away mightily inspired here are some examples of the beautiful work one finds on church robes.
The ones in the following photo are from the 17th Century and are embroiderd in real gold. From the Church of St Silas.

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