Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Cushion of the week

MMMMMMmmmmmm fruity.
I've had the beautiful retro printed orange silk on the corners of this cushion now for at least 5 or 6 years. Always loved it, never had the right things to put it with. It's Italian silk probably from the 6o's. Gorgeous stuff. I may have to use the rest for a dress or something. Who knows Summer may eventually get here.


skips said...

Where can I buy these fabulous cushions? Ebay?

ISAY said...

Skip, I saw these cushions in person. You should see the fabric on the back of this cushion! I also know where you can buy them. She gave a lecture to a group on Wednesday of which I was a part and she gave us her site. It's www.exotic-cushions.com.

Hello. I'm the American at the lending circle meeting. I told you I have two blogs on blogspot, and I do. One is www.emigrationblog.blogspot.com and the other is www.aa2a.blogspot.com. The first is about my husbands and my experiences since we came to the UK. It seriously needs updating. The second is a journal of my adventures with the Artists Access to Art School program through which I have a mini-residency at Norwich School of Art and Design in the textile department. That will end for me at the end of March, and I don't know which direction I will be taking the blog.

I was part glad and part discouraged to hear that you have had to work part time through most of the time you have been here. Glad because it made me feel less of a non-success for being here almost a whole year and not yet being able to provide a good amount of the family income through my work. We New Yorkers expect things to happen fast. After all, I made it as a scientist, in publishing, and as a textile designer in New York City, so I ought to be able to make it anywhere in no time flat, right? And discouraged, because that means there are more months to come of low level practically minimum wage work here because none of my skills seem to be marketable at a good pay rate in Norwich for some reason I don't understand. Ah well, I've got more adapting to local conditions to work on.