Sunday, May 15, 2011

Race for life

I had no idea what to expect at a huge charity fundraiser. I don't really like large organised events. However I was humbled and bowled over by the feeling of heartfelt respect and the sheer numbers that attended this race for life at the Norwich Showgrounds. This was one of 4 races this weekend and there were thousands of people there. It makes you realise what an epidemic cancer is. My best buddy and a few other lovely friends were making it real in a most outrageous way. Here's Sarah (with Clarissa and Zebbie) in her burlesque outfit (plus last minute t-shirt purchase!)

and Kerry looking immaculate at the end of the race.
I was number one Zebbie wrangler so I saw quite a bit of the bouncy castle, but the signs on peoples backs brought tears and a huge lump in my throat that stayed with me the whole day. Big or small, fat or thin, old or young, everyone was there with a huge sense of purpose.
Richard would have been very proud of you lovelies. Thanks Clarry for battling through even with a bad back.
and Big daddy Russ, we couldn't have done it without your motivational moves!

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Anonymous said...

We are all quite mad! Love you Joey, it was so special to be with you today.xxxx Clarissa xxxxx

Lulu LaBonne said...

I can't believe these woman are doing it in such fabulous style - I just run for the bus and look like a sweaty lump.

Great pictures! xxxx

kelly said...

yay, team! Looks like great fun, and for a great cause! :-) xxxxx